1920 – Harry Middleton after The War

The War ended and Dad resigned his Commission and took a post as Chief Engineer on a ship that was resting on the bottom at her moorings in Baltimore. After repair she was scheduled to go to Italy. While she was still in Baltimore, Dad took me over and let me stay for a day or so with him on the ship. I guess that I embarrassed him one evening while he was busy talking to some men, I had to go to the bathroom and I knew not where to go on the ship. So, I messed up a dark part of the deck.

That may have been the last night I spent on the ship.

After repairs, I believe that the ship went to New York. Shortly after that, The family moved to West Hoboken, New Jersey. This move was a classic one. Mom arrived at the railroad station with three kids and all the luggage the law allows. Dad was supposed to meet the train, but for some reason was not there. We took a taxi and arrived at the house Dad had rented for us without the means of getting In, we had no key. It was raining very hard. Maybe ìCats & Dogsî? Standing there with the taxi waiting. Finally, the next door neighbor, and mother worked out a plan. The front door had a small roof aver it, and connected with the house next door. Gwen was selected to go through the neighborís, house,go upstairs, climb out on the roof and
climb into the window of our house. If it was unlocked.

All is well that ends well. The window was locked, Gwen got in and was able to unlock the door from within. Dad got there just about the time Mom had gotten the brood dried out and started unpacking so we could spend the night properly.

I was enrolled in the local school and found it strange. Our teacher was teaching us English and while she clung to the book she seemed to do well enough but when she tried to give instructions, such as home work or any other matter, her English was not very good. I complained to Morn about this but, of course, nothing could be done. I think this was about the Fourth Grade.


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