Membership Levels

MemoirSite Membership includes:

  • One-year paid subscription to
  • One (1) MemoirSite.
  • Writing privileges on any collaborative MemoirSites (including someone else’s individual and/or group MemoirSites) at the invitation of that Site’s administrator.
  • Full access to the public features in the main MemoirSite arena, including posting in existing groups and creating new discussion groups and forum topics.
  • Early Bird Special Rate  –  $35 for the first year, with a second year thrown in with our thanks!

Limited Membership includes:

  • One-year paid membership to
  •  No MemoirSite of your own.
  • Writing privileges on someone else’s individual and/or group MemoirSites, by invitation only.
  • Read and write on public discussion groups and forum topics on the main site, but can not create new groups or forum topics.

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