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What is MemoirSite?

  • MemoirSite is a new social network, which provides members with the means to write and share life’s stories, the tools to organize a record of events and memorabilia, and a place to enjoy the tales others tell.
  • At MemoirSite, we do not data mine or sell your information. (What is Data Mining?)
  • Your thoughts and words belong to you and should not be a revenue source for marketers.
  • There will be no advertising on MemoirSite.
  • We use a paid subscription model because we believe that privacy is worth paying for.

What does a Subscription cost?

  • A membership costs less than a dollar a week, and includes one MemoirSite that you can use for yourself, or for your family, an event or an organization. Second, or even third, MemoirSites can be set up for an additional fee.

What will I get for my Membership?

  • Depending on the level of your Membership, you will have at least one MemoirSite  — with your own Lifetime-Timeline, and full access to the support resources available on MemoirSite.

How does a MemoirSite work?

  • Write a post (or entry) and “file it” as one of the following: Note, My Diary, Journal, Manuscript, MilePost, Creative Writing, Article, Profile, Letter. This is a tool to organize your entries for easy retrieval and reference.

We recommend that you begin by filling in your MilePosts — life-changing events and/or significant experiences — including vital statistics, such as when you were born, finished school, got married, etc., and the important crossroads you faced in the past.  This will get you used to making entries.

What are the available Support Resources?

  • Available now are discussion groups and video tutorials.
  • Many other Support Resources are in development, including writing courses, self-publishing instructions, and a Knowledge Base.

Will I be able to control who sees my MemoirSite?

  • Yes. There are five levels of privacy:  1) visible to search engines; 2) invisible to search engines; 3) visible only to MemoirSite members; 4) visible only to specific MemoirSite members; and 5) visible to only you.

How do I control who sees my MemoirSite?

  • To control the visibility of your MemoirSite, log in and go to your dashboard.  Now look for the ‘Settings’ button in the left menu column.  If you hover over the word ‘Settings’, a drop down menu will appear and you want to select ‘Privacy’.  If you click on the Settings button it will open to the ‘General’ Settings and you can then click on ‘Privacy’ which appears in the left-column menu.
  • Once on the Settings:Privacy page, here is where you will find the five levels of privacy for your MemoirSite.  You can change these settings at any time.

I want my MemoirSite to be visible to others, but I want certain posts to be private.  How do I do this?

  • When you are logged in and on the Dashboard and are making a New Post, look right above the “Publish” button.  There you will see: “Visibility: Public Edit” Click on the ‘Edit’ link and you can select three levels of privacy.  The default is Public, which is as public as you have chosen your MemoirSite to be already.
  • Next is ‘Password protected’.  This setting will require a password to read and it is visible on your Timeline as “Protected Post”, thus announcing it’s presence.
  • The third option is Private.  A post set to Private will NOT appear on your TimeLine.
  • Please Note: If you add anyone else as a user to your MemoirSite – if they can see your dashboard – they will be able to see the content of Password Protected and Private posts.

How do I sign up?

  • Click the SIGN UP button on the top of the page, and take a series of steps to activate your Membership. We currently only offer Paypal as a gateway.