Early Bird Special

MemoirSite is offering a start-up offer while we are in the ‘Beta’ phase. 

The first 1000 members get the first year’s membership for the reduced rate of $35. 

As further thanks for your assistance during the Beta phase, MemoirSite will give the Beta members a second year’s subscription for free. That’s two years for only $35!
Members of the Beta phase must accept that the site is still under development, that some (much) of the ideas are still being designed and implemented. Members may be contacted by the MemoirSite team to solicit ideas about improving the site by adding functionality. The MemoirSite team may also request that members assist in testing certain functionalities under development.

Members of the Beta phase also understand that their MemoirSites may need to be updated by the MemoirSite team at random times. Members of the Beta phase should also be vigilant in backing up all data posted to any area of MemoirSite.

At the end of the two year Beta membership, your account will automatically change to a regular membership, and the fees will convert to the regular annual subscription fee structure.

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