Robin Grant

Robin Grant began as a visual artist when he was 3 years old and his parents gave him a small camera.  Always interested in movies, he made his first film at age 13 on his grandfather’s wind-up 8MM film camera.  Being second in command of the high-school geek squad in the early days of VHS got him into film school in New York City at the School of Visual Arts.  SVA was a technical school and so Robin worked on his first feature film, Street Trash, in the summer of 1985.  This picture became a cult classic on the Midnight Movie circuit and he was featured on the cover of Fangoria Magazine while posing as stunt double for the supporting actress.

Robin worked in the film industry for several years, hiring and running lighting crews before moving into the music concert scene.  Throughout the 1990s he was Master Electrician at Arts at St. Ann’s (now St. Ann’s Warehouse) and the Prospect Park Summer Festival, working with top shelf musical acts from all over the world and every from musical genre.  For his last two years in New York City he was the Production Manager at the newly opened Center for Jewish History, advancing the shows, hiring crew and running each event in their 250-seat theater as well as setting up AV and sound support for the various venues in the building.

Robin and his family moved to Vermont in 2002 and for the last ten years has enjoyed several simultaneous long-term part-time jobs and freelance work.  He has been the projector technician for the touring opera company Teatro Lirico D’Europa and Technical Director for the Barre Opera House, Shadows and Light Design and Hardwick Community Television – the public access TV station in Hardwick, Vermont.  In addition, Robin has been working with IATSE Local 919 taking video projection work at the Flynn Theater in Burlington and at the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

In the last two years Robin and his partner Stephanie Fraser have formed Webweaver Multimedia, LLC for graphics and website design and video production and post-production.  And, of course, Robin and Stephanie joined with Jerome Risley to create MemoirSite.