Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to interact here at MemoirSite.

Joining MemoirSite

  • Create an account, click here to begin.
  • Choose a MemoirSite Membership Level — MemoirSite, MemoirSite Plus, Limited or Free
  • Purchase a subscription, via Paypal


Once you have joined MemoirSite

  • Choose the name of your MemoirSite
  • Begin writing your (or your grandmother’s) stories.



In the MemoirSite Social Arena

What you will find:

  • Discussion Groups —
  • Forum Topics —
  • Chat Room — A public chat room available anytime..
  • Course Groups — IN DEVELOPMENT



In your personal MemoirSite

  • A Lifetime-Timeline that you can chart your life



In your group/event MemoirSite

  • A group/event Lifetime-Timeline that you and your friends or family can collectively add stories to, and together weave a lifetime of stories about a family member or an event in time.


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