MemoirSite Privacy Policy

MemoirSite, LLC (and referred to as ‘’, ‘MemoirSite’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’), are the operators of this website.  The founders value privacy of information and recognize the confidentiality of information that may be disclosed by the member (and referred to as ‘data’) through the use of the services provided by MemoirSite.

MemoirSite accepts no advertising, does not provide for others to gather data on our members, and does not sell member’s data to advertisers.  While some features that may be offered by MemoirSite might utilize data analysis, sometimes called ‘data-mining’, this is only for the purposes of providing the feature.  MemoirSite will not sell or provide data-mining to others.

MemoirSite receives information from members at all levels. Members that join for the groups and forums must provide name, email address, and other personal info. Members that pay to have their own MemoirSite, or pay for MemoirSite privileges to post on another MemoirSite, must also provide a credit card, debit card, paypal account, or other payment information. Members that have their own MemoirSite, or privileges to post on another member’s MemoirSite also enter data on those sites.

Members that have MemoirSites can choose which posts to make public and which to keep private.  While MemoirSite will endeavor to ensure that the private posts stay private, members agree that MemoirSite is not responsible for any release of private data.

Website administrators (also referred to as ‘admin’ or ‘admins’) do have access to all member’s data by necessity.  MemoirSite may use any member’s public data for its own advertising, and may use any member’s data for statistical, or other use, ‘in-house’.

MemoirSite may use your contact information, or the site interface itself, to communicate with, inform members of new features, or other such messages.

We reserve the rights to change or modify current Privacy Policy without notice.