1922 – SS Manassa

Eventually, the ìS. S. MANASSAî, I believe was the name of the vessel,departed. The trip to Europe was without unusual events, and the ship went to Genoa, Italy. She
was probably carrying a ìgeneral cargoî nothing specific that I know of. However, when provisioning f or the return trip, the Captain stubbornly refused to take on sufficient fresh water for the return trip. Dad could not understand why the Captain was so adamant. Especially, since Dad was the Engineer and would know the needs of the vessel and its engines. Needless to say, the guy that controls the purse controls the supplies.

Few details of the trip are known to me, but there came a time when the crew made an effort at mutiny and during this episode, Dad had occasion to lay a bullet beside one of the mutineers as he was climbing up a ladder. The crew was finally quieted and the ship proceeded across the Atlantic.

A bad storm was reported and Mother had a few worrisome days. Finally, a report was published naming the ship and that all was well.

Water for the engines began to run short and the ship began to chase rain clouds around on the Ocean. Dad had boarded up the scuppers so as to direct the water into holding tanks. In this manner the ship made her way slowly across, At one time the Captain told Dad to use sea water in the boilers. Of course, he would not do such a thing.

When about two hundred miles off the Coast, the captain called for a salvage ship to tow them in. Now tt was clear as to the Captainís original plan. He would get a portion of the salvorís fee for bringing in a disabled vessel, thus ripping off the owners and the insurance company. Dad said that he kept the tow line slack all the way in. How this played out in port, I donít know.


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