May 24, 1918 – At Sea

Came on deck this AM and saw one of the grandest sights I have ever seen – the coast of Ireland and it is beautiful. We pass through a **** ***** and steamed well inside and the t*** lays along a high hill. Everything is so **** and green.

We came very near being ship wrecked of the coast last night. The “Navigation Officer” ? is a fellow who was about(?) or bosun(?) mate on some tramp. Made a mistake in the c***ce(?) and we ******ed the light ship 9 miles, if it had not been that daylight came about 3 AM and they sighted land in time, we would have piled upon the beach.  We anchored for a while and then pulled up to the dock.

I went ashore and sent a cable to Paul – and post cards to the children Pearl, Lee and ***.

We are not allowed to go to Cork(?) on account of Sin Fine (sic) troubles and this ****** in right on the edge the English are expecting and ******* out my time.


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