Jan 9, 1919 – At Sea

After waiting since the 6th the Capt finally let us send wireless messages today and now it’s almost impossible to get them off on account of so many ships talking.

Capt came in *** room this AM and said terrible storm coming and I must fr***? the ship for all she’s worth.

3 PM We are making over 11 knots and it is a perfecly beautiful day. the sun has come out and the sea is pratically calm while the wind is ahead and strong but the terrible storm has not struck and we are all **** will get in, we hope, tonight.

Now 9 PM. We are in one of the worst gales I have ever seen. We are (fucking?) into it. Engines making 11 k and only ******** 5 1/2 knots. A terrible storm came.


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