A MemoirSite can have any of the following five levels of privacy, which allows complete control over who sees your content.

  • – Seen  by No One But You
  • – By Only Specific MemoirSite Members
  • – Seen Only By Other MemoirSite Members,
  • – Not Seen by Search Engines
  • – Seen By Search Engines

Within a MemoirSite, you can designate a level of privacy for a particular entry*:

  • – Public
  • – Password Protected
  • – Private

* Bear in mind that the privacy settings for the entire site, establishes the limitations to visibility of the content.

While MemoirSite already has valuable features in place, this is a new site, and we will be introducing new features over time.

Here’s a description of some of the current features:


MemoirSite, LLC. believes that your words and thoughts are valuable, and that your opinions belong to no one but you. No one should use or profit from them except you.

With a MemoirSite subscription, you are in an exploitation free zone. Your words are not a food source for data miners and you are secure knowing that no one will be “second guessing” your thoughts, anticipating your desires, analyzing and acting on your personal preferences and using your MemoirSite to try to sell you things.

Any entries or attachments can be as public or as private as you wish — see box at right for details.

Privacy is peace of mind.


The Lifetime-Timeline (LT-TL) allows you to visualize the times in your life in words and images on a interactive graphic display.

Use the LT-TL to note daily events and images as they occur.

But, you can also begin to recall and enter recollections and to document episodes from times past: scan mementos, legal documents, contemporaneous articles, and retelling tales originating from oral traditions.

Then elaborate on and corroborate your own history, as important mileposts, appear right where they belong along life’s path on the Lifetime-Timeline.

By putting everything in its proper place, by year, month, even by day, you will be filling in your LT-TL display, growing memories into vignettes, and vignettes into autobiographical episodes until you are building the chapters of a complete memoir.


MemoirSite is designed to be a social networking site, supportive and nurturing, and full of a myriad of resources.

Share your thoughts, comments and opinions in Groups and Forums dedicated to subjects and topics of interest to you. Inform your thinking with the views, commentaries, and insights offered by others.

Read more about the details of MemoirSite’s community.



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